Respect The Craft

Been working on the resurrection of this site, pulling together source material and refocusing on the business and came across an example of what I believe is the foundation of all good things:


If you don’t know who Brian Michael Cox is, do yourself a favor and research the name.  He’s at the top of the game in R&B with the skills to back up the status.  Not only that, but he’s giving to the community in a serious way by producing articles, blog posts, and videos that give a glimpse into what it takes to reach that level and how it works when you get there.

You don’t stay in the top tier and work with the people he’s working with without being professional, going hard, and respecting the craft.

When’s the last time you practiced your instrument?

Submit Beats to Frisco

Got some UK Grime styles represented today with this one.  Frisco aka BigFris has let it be known that you can submit beats to him via email directly at:

Dude is on another level where you find him on internet radio stations like Pandora and available on Amazon.  Most up and comers never make it that far and stay toiling in the mixtape arena till they drop off.  This opportunity might be a big one for someone to step up.

Do a little research and listen to Frisco’s work.  This is not your everyday.

Good luck!

Keyshia Cole needs beats ya’ll!!!!

Keyshia Cole dropped the following on Twitter recently:

“New producers send in music to listing to new producers now”

I would say “nuf said” and leave it at that but no – this is a standout opportunity for producers out there with that fire on the R&B side. Don’t read this and NOT take action. Keyshia is a strong writer who always puts out strong material so if you can get in on a project of hers, you’ll be putting yourself in a good looking position as a producer. A voice like hers can make a track so don’t sleep. Send your beat to Keyshia Cole directly.

Don’t put your links in the comments because she isn’t checking here for beats. Email them to her directly via the email address above.


Submit Beats To Dip Set

Found this over at King of all Beats dot com:

The founding member of The Diplomats aka Dip Set, is looking for some new instrumentals for his arsenal.  Send your beats to Freeky Zeekey by emailing:

Looks like King of all Beats is posting the same type of opportunities we’re posting but focused more signed acts with bigger names where we’ll post the unsigned as well.  Depending on your goals and business plan, you might want to follow that site for opportunities we miss.

Submit Beats To ODG – Only Da Greatest

Just found this crew from Sac Town northern Cali though a call they put out on twitter a little while back wanting beats.

Send beats directly to them via email:

They’ve got some tracks and videos up for you to see what they do:

Send what you got and let us know how it works out for you.

Good Grind – cuz it aint about Luck.

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