Mayor: Tomorrowland put our town on the map, 2 Weekends till 2033

Worlds most attended festival Tomorrowland has joined the trend of music festivals which are hosted for double weekends but now they have confirmed that the parent firm ID&T has successfully negotiated the contract with the Council of Antwerp to host the festival for two weekends for the next 16 years that’s till 2033 by paying a fee of €630,000 to use the land every year.

But it’s not because of the money. The Mayor of Boom said “it does not have to do with the money, “Tomorrowland put our town on the map.” It’s true that the festival pushed an economic upturn for the citizens & businesses and made the area internationally known.

The Antwerp authorities expressed that they will prioritise the interests of their community and they want to hear concerns from the citizens. The contract can be cancelled at any point in time and it will be evaluated each year depending on the situation. It’s great to see that the government bodies are supporting the festivals considering all the advantages and disadvantages and the concerns of the people. The Town surely has a bright future in terms of Tourism.

WEEKEND 1 – July 21, 22, 23
WEEKEND 2 – July 28, 29, 30

Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever,…

Over a decade of inception, 16 year of future planning! Great move by the council of Antwerp