New York Beat Battle

Found this on Craigslist.  There’s a $500 winner take all beat battle going down Thursday March 25th at The Suffolk.

Beat Battle Details

Dopetracks+Propellerheads Online Beat Battle beat battle sponsored by and in collaboration with Propellerheads (the software company behind Reason and Record) are hosting an online beat battle.

The battle is live now and started this week so get crackin on this one!

Here are the details straight from the source:

DT+Propellerhead = Beat Battle

Just a leak, with more details to follow. DT, in partnership with Propellerhead Software, makers of REASON and RECORD are launching a Beat Battle! Visit the page, follow the instructions and get ready to submit your entry starting Oct 1st.

We’re giving away 8 copies of REASON or RECORD (if you already own REASON) plus schwag and a badge for the eight winners. Each week we’ll present new samples from various underground sources. This gonna be big.. So get your producer caps on and go for it.

This is how were gonna choose the winners. Each week, a panel of judges consisting of DT Staff and the guest Sample Provider will choose 2 winners. We may consider the communities pick, ie the dopest beats as a big factor for at least one of those winners. However we reserve the right to choose any 2 that we think is dopest. Good luck!

DT Staff

Atlanta Beat Battle – Producers Swap Meet

Producers Swap Meet dot com is getting the word out on round 1 of their upcoming Beat Battle.

It goes down tomorrow the 24th so get it moving if you’re interested. The ATL is so packed with up and coming talent that this will be worth just showing up to network make connects.

Details >>>

King of the ATL Beat Battle

King of the ATL Beat Battle

UK (Birmingham) Beat Battle – 12 Sept

This is our first UK find and it looks like a huge line for the show with a beat battle as part of this “celebration of hip hop culture.”  I’m not really up on a lot of the UK scene other than Dizzy and a couple others who have made noise over here but I’m sure there will be proper representation.

The beat battle details are light but check out the site for how to find out more.

Tallahassee Beat Battle

Looks like big things going down in Tallahassee this October.  Got a link about a conference for DJ’s and a beat battle.  You don’t have to be local but you have to be able to attend and there will be a bunch of industry in the house so check this one out.

TJ’s DJ’s – Tallahassee Beat Battle

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