I just came across a site I’d never heard of before called  It appears to be another beatselling site with nothing really going on to distinguish it from the dozens of others out there but I could be wrong – so you guys tell me.

Have you ever heard of this site or done any business there?  I’d be interested to hear about anyone’s experience with it if so.

After browsing around a bit, it looks like 100 – 150 beats are posted in total.  The player is decent and the quality of the beats is similar to what you might find elsewhere.  Some okay, some not, and very few outstanding.  Kinda par for the internet and beat sites.  You can put up a profile also which might get you a contact or two but you should really have your own site for stuff like that.

I did see mention of a subscription and password but didn’t see what that was all about exactly.  This might be a pay to play site.  Again-you guys tell me.

Seattle Beat Battle

KDCutz is reporting an upcoming beat battle in Seattle on 8.31.09

Details online at his blog

He was one of the Red Bull big tune finalists and will be a judge of this event along with the crowd.  Looks good.  Check it out!

iStandard Producers – Beat site with opportunities

I ran across this site – – and found what looks to be a gem for producers on the grind.

In a nutshell, you pay a yearly fee ($99 as of this writing) and you’re then allowed to create a producers profile, post beats, and submit those beats to their listed opportunies.  The current sampling of opportunites covers major and indie label artists like Devin The Dude and Sean Kingston plus about a dozen artists that I hadn’t heard of until seeing them on the site.

With these sites I always research the pedigry so to speak to judge the quality of the industry connections and pull of the people involved.  Like anything else, there are scams to beware of.  In this case, things pretty much check out to lead me to believe that there is a legit chance of gaining ground dealing with what the site offers.  One of there core businesses appears to be producers showcases they hold in a handfull of cities with industry judges.  I think I’ve even been to one of them but couldn’t find enough info on the past event (three years ago in AZ) to be sure.  Their experience putting on the producers showcases lead to them playing a role in the formatting and production of the Sha Money XL conferences and beat battles according to their site.

The site design is a little choppy but not bad.  Some of the info is getting a little stale but the community does have some current posts so if nothing else, you can connect with some other producers on the grind.

Let us know if you have more info on this site or if you’ve attended any of their events.