Jack Johnson – My Mind Is For Sale

American singer-songwriter Jack Johnson is back with an all new album ‘All The Light Above It Too’. In a pre-released track ‘My Mind Is For Sale’, he gives us a glimpse of just what the album has to offer, and after four minutes, you’re left wanting more. In the newly released song, he continues to swim in his own waters in terms of his musicality and style. The track has a reggae feel to it and can lighten up any mood.


He expressed that his new album is based on all his thoughts during the past year or so. In the music video of ‘My Mind Is For Sale’, he builds a wall with wooden blocks and proceeds to break it down during the chorus. An action, many have suggested was a shot at the current US president Donald Trump.

The seventh album is set to release on September 8th. This comes after a gap of four years. With his initial release being so hard hitting, we can hardly wait for his new album.