Milky Chance – Blossom (2017) : Album Review

Staying true to one’s identity and continuing to stay unique gets harder as time passes. However , the German band, Milky chance face no problem of this sort.

With the release of their new album, they prove that music is not restricted to a single genre. Their infectious rhythms are a blend of indie-pop, reggae, electronica and house. A weird combination, but one that gets more pleasing every time you hit the replay.

The title track ‘Blossom’ gives the song an old school feel with a catchy guitar lick running in the background.

As the album progresses the tracks get more interesting and the varying degrees of experimentation begins to show. Songs like ‘Bad Things’ and ‘Doing Good’ are songs with two contrasting styles that beautifully keeps you hooked.

Later on, one again notes the same difference in ‘Ego’ and ‘Losing You’.

’Cocoon’ gets the vocals and musicality bang on to deliver a catchy song that oozes positive vibes. Clemens Rehbein handles the vocals effortlessly in ‘Firebird’ while Philipp Dausch keeps us all on our feet with some tropical beats.

Definitely an album that one must listen to, if you need a break from all the mainstream generic music making rounds today.