Where to sell beats? How to Sell Beats? Read on…

A lot of people find this site searching for a place to sell beats or information on how to sell beats.  Here is a list of sites that we recommend.  Feel free to comment with any we haven’t listed IF THEY’VE PROVEN they can get beats to the pros

These sites top our personal list and meet the criteria of pitching beats to the industry.  The amateur sites will get touched on later.

Broadjam is the real deal.  Every week they post opportunities for you to submit beats to labels, TV, and film productions.  You can see the opportunities for free so there’s no doubt what they offer.  If you don’t know, TV and film offer some of the easiest ways to make money from your music and the exposure is unmatched by anything other than commercial radio.  You can also sell beats directly from your Broadjam profile without them taking half your profits.  If you don’t have a site set up to sell directly to rappers, singers, or just fans, this is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to do it without the hassle of learning to build a whole e-commerce website or splitting your profits in half.  Broadjam is the only beatsite I had for years until built my own custom site.  I still keep the Broadjam site just to submit to the opportunities.

Taxi << Don’t sleep or be deceived, they deliver on their promise if you deliver what they want to hear. I’ve met the founder, been to the conference, and gotten deals myself through Taxi so this referral is from experience.  Rather than me repeating their sales pitch, just go to taxi.com.  You can submit beats to every kind of opportunity you can think of except amateurs.  That’s what myspace is for.

Musicplacements (hip hop focus) << A newer player with some good hooks into the industry.  Basically you’ve got real industry cats who started a publishing company.  For a fee (and if they think your beat is hot) they’ll pitch it to their contacts.  READ THE AGREEMENT before uploading your tracks to this or any other site for that matter.  At one point they had wording about exclusives in there – know what your agreeing to when you sign up.

Sell Beats Direct To Artists – This method is just what it says.  Using this method you find artists who are looking for beats and sell them directly to them without having to get past any industry gatekeepers or pay any access fees.  This is the most profitable channel for selling beats consistently until you get some major placements and a name for yourself.

Okay – those are the 4 major players that have proven connections inside the biz that I can personally vouch.  Plus I know they all deal with urban music so you won’t be the only beatmaker in the mix.

There are MANY sites out there that offer ways into the business and we’ll be more over time so sign up for our feed and keep coming back as we review more sites.

If you’re after proven ways of pitching beats directly without going through the web, stay tuned.  We’ve got interviews lined up with producers who’ve done it.


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