The Rap-Symphony by Axwell x Ingrosso

The Swedish legends are out with their first track of the year and it’s a banger! The track was initially premiered at the Sunburn Festival in Pune ending 2016 with a feeling of excitement for their fans all around the world.

Since the formation of the iconic duo, they have soared higher each time in their musical journey in the studio and their performances as well.

Their latest track ‘I Love You’ featuring rapper Kid Ink is the perfect symphony for the day with Kid Ink dropping his verses over protruding bass melody. The bittersweet symphony is topped with classic female vocals to build it up making it perfect.

“We wanted to just go heavy in a fresh sound to start 2017 and we think we achieved that. And collaborating with Kid Ink was something we’d wanted to do for a while.”Axwell x Ingrosso

You can listen to the track below :