Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson – Just Hold On + Remixes

Louis Tomlinson of ‘One Direction’ recently followed in the footsteps of his former band mates Zayn Malik and Niall Horan as he released a hot new single ‘Just Hold On’ along with legendary DJ/Producer Steve Aoki. The amazing collaboration started off as a tweet by Tomlinson after he was left mesmerised by a powerful Aoki session in Las Vegas. Following the tweet, the duo started work on their latest single.

The song is a work of Steve Aoki’s magic as the fast pace remarkably compliments the soothing and melodic voice of Louis with an equally catchy drop that will make you hum the tune for a long time to come.

With the calibre of work that Steve Aoki produces, it’s tough to comprehend how anyone could possibly remix this song, however there’s not one or two, but three breath-taking variants of this song available for your listening pleasure.

American duo Two Friends dropped the tempo of the song while giving it a boy band feel that’s bound to get your feet tapping.

DVBBS dropped their version of the song and it featured a power packed inclusion of electronic music at its finest that will leave you asking for more and more.

If balance is what you seek, do checks out the Bad Royale Remix of the song. It has the textbook combination of the electronic music and melodic vocals.

So go on. Click on the link, lean back and, ‘Just Hold On’.